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About Us

Aisha Investment B.V. was established in 1999 in The Netherlands to provide wholesale services in the area of marketing indigenous West African food products.

The market is not limited to The Netherlands alone but also to the demanding needs of other markets on continental Europe vis-a-vis the United Kingdom. We trade in world class A products, the combination of low price, well packed and high quality products has given us a leverage over the years that we have become a household name among all tropical shops and wholesalers in Europe.

At Aisha Investment B.V. we let the consumers decides as a result we are committed and focused to bringing about innovative and competitive products into the market. We are located in Amsterdam which give us a geographical advantage in terms of transportation network. We can arrange for your goods to be transported within 24hrs after order to any part of Europe.

In 2006, Aisha Investment B.V. started is own label products under the name Fola Foods to provide the consumers the opportunity to enjoy what other consumers in Nigeria are already enjoying from this wide range of high quality products. All these products conform to the strict European laws concerning local language name, bar code, expiring date, batch code and the full description of the content. Today, Fola Foods has grown to be one of the European largest household name among the retailers, consumers and high end users.

All in all we work in accordance with the strict European laws as regards the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP).