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Fola Foods
Our product list of Fola Foods
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Maltina (bottle & can), Malta Guinness (bottle & can)Vita Malt (bottle & can), Super Malt (bottle & can) Pure Heaven, Lucozade (orange & original) Palmi & Fanta

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Alcoholic Drinks
Nigerian Guinness (small & big)

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Melon (egusi)
Ogbono (mango seed)
Bitter leaves

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Knorr (chicken) Maggi star, Milo (small & big), Bournvita (small & big), Nido powdered milk, Peak powdered milk, Curry & thyme, Exeter corn beef (small & big), Ovaltine, Custard , De rica tomato paste

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Other Products
Palm oil,
Palm nut cream concentrate ,
Pepper soup ingredients, Suya spices,
Stockfish, Crayfish, Smoked prawns

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Quality Products

We import high quality West African and world class foods and drinks directly from Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroun, Gambia, Belgium, France, Norway and United Kingdom.  We only deal with well known delivery companies of which we have had years of partnership relation.

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